Liquor Liability

At Burt & Payne, P.C., we provide tailored legal services to restaurants, nightclubs, and other entities that serve alcohol.  With a focus on defending our client’s rights, we have become leaders in related premises liability, Dram Shop, and bar security cases.  Our team has experience representing a variety of establishments throughout Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Our attorneys have extensive experience navigating the complex legal issues associated with liquor liability cases.  We utilize state-of-the-art strategies and technologies to ensure our clients succeed in court proceedings.  We take the time to understand your business, its employees, and its operational success.  Our attorneys provide first-rate advice and guidance to clients faced with claims associated with liquor liability.


Our liquor liability law services include the following:

Dram shop representation – We represent defendants in cases involving claims of injury or death arising from the sale, service, or consumption of alcohol. We also provide guidance to help businesses comply with applicable laws and regulations to reduce the likelihood of litigation.

Bar security lawyers – We provide legal counsel for establishments that are being or will be sued in security and bouncer-related matters.  

Premises liability claims – We represent clients in premises liability cases related to alcohol consumption, including slip-and-fall accidents, assaults, fires, hazardous conditions, and other types of property ownership and management claims.

Our attorneys understand that each client’s unique situation requires a tailored approach.

We utilize a comprehensive approach when litigating these cases.  In addition to thoroughly examining all relevant evidence, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing documents, our team works closely with private investigators, expert witnesses, medical professionals, industry consultants, and other experts to build a strong case on your behalf.